Mar 14

Intro to KTM ETS Train

Travellers who want to travel to Train to JB should thank the web services for this change because of which our life has become easier and less stressful. Are you one of those who still think that travelling to distant places and purchase of railway tickets is a formidable task; you must exit from hibernation and discover how easy it is with the online facilities offered by Indian railways.

Malaysia ETS Train from KTM Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur ticket booking has become very easy as there is website along with the official site, that offers this facility. ETS Train makes sure that all functions in the site are user-friendly and easy to use by the passengers. You no more have to pay the huge amount of money as commission to the local travel agents for your railway tickets.

All that you have to do is spend some time on the internet and find the train of your choice and get your railway tickets booking done on your own. Now one can travel to any part of the Kuala Lumpur hassle free with worrying about the hassles of train reservation. The only thing you have to follow is some important tips like booking of railway tickets in advance and choose to avail various deals available on the Indian railways website.


One can also use this website for gathering all sort of information regarding your train and. After filling up the required information for your journey at the time of booking one just have to select from two types of booking namely E- ticket booking and me- ticket booking. Both of them are a form of online railway ticket booking but are very different indeed. E- ticket is the electronic ticket which once confirmed appears on the screen and one can take a printout of it as a railway ticket where as E-tickets are sent to the address provided in the form hence it has to book at least two days prior to the date of your journey.

Jan 08

Train Trip to Malaysia from Singapore

The trip to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia from Singapore by train really proved to be a great memorable and enjoyable experience. I was amazed to book a specific seat to travel through Internet at a nominal cost! That seat in first class air-conditioned berth cost me less than $20 hence making my journey a bearable one.

Train to Malaysia from Singapore – Made Me Feel Like a New Home

The ktm train to kl made me that I was in my new home as the clean environment, comfortable seat and other perks proved to be a relaxing interlude in this busiest journey. One of my colleagues planned his trip from Bangkok by train which seemed to be a bit more complex and highly time-consuming to me.

malaysia-ktm1Travel from Singapore Malaysia by Train – A Pleasurable Experience

It is my pleasure to announce that the journey of only seven hours and few minutes permitted me to catch the wonderful glimpse of the Malay Peninsula which will remain embedded in my heart for life long. Against the available price for varied types of berths, high class lounge will make the journey a suitable one.

Against my booking in first class, I was presented with a waiting room which comprised of couches, reading materials like national dailies and magazines along with personal lavatory and washbasin. Really, it proved to be a nice place to unwind and compose oneself while on the trip. As it was situated above the station platform, when the time came to board one I was supposed to step into the private elevator and went directly into the platform.

Appreciable Berth – Made Journey Easy

The berth allotted to me comprised of two beds where my berth mate was really cooperative. The train comprised of a good time. As the evening arrived, I was enjoying the appreciate scenery from the windows. The dinner in the car normally comprised of boxed meal and local delicious food items.

Dec 15

Taking Ferry To Langkawi


Langkawi’s one of the principle methods of associations with different parts of Malaysia and neighboring nations is through watercraft or Ferry administrations. There are a few Ferry courses and Services that give Langkawi’s conduits. The closest point connected with Langkawi by Ferry is Kuala Perlis which is found 31kms to its east and on the western shore of Malaysia’s principle land.

ferry-langkawiFerry focuses in Malaysia available from Langkawi incorporates Kuala Kedah (51kms away and at the north western bank of Malaysia’s principle area), and Penang (110kms away likewise at the western shore of Malaysia). Satun of Thailand is likewise associated through a Ferry Service from Langkawi.

Kuah Jetty in Kuah town is Lankawi’s fundamental Ferry point (or terminal) from where the Ferries/water crafts leave and arrive. The passageway to Kuah Jetty is through a huge and cutting edge shopping complex.
There is 4 ways open can use ferry to Langkawi. From Airport, from Penang Ferry Terminal (2 hour 45 minute), Kuala Kedah Ferry Terminal (1 Hour 45 Minute) and Kuala Perlis Ferry Terminal (45 Minute). Clearly Ferry from Penang course will be the more drawn out and get bleary eyed effortlessly. The Ferry ride from Penang to Langkawi (or return) takes around 4 hours, yet with no shop, so recall bringing at any rate water and some sustenance moreover. The Ferry administration from Penang to Langkawi is around 3 hour travel and is exceedingly comfortable. Although there are just 3 Ferries a day,but the seating limit is 300-400.

Ferry courses and time to reach

Langkawi – Kuala Perlis: 1hr 15min (31kms).

There are few services like Lankawi Ferry Services (LFS) and they have been working following 1996 and are one of the biggest Ferry administrations of Langkawi. They have an armada of fast water crafts (instantly 12 of them) with limit differing from 100 to 200 seats and going at paces between 30 to 40 hitches (nautical miles every hour). Every one of the Ferries is aerated and cooled, have on-board recordings, leaning back seats and little containers.

Dec 15

The best of Langkawi and Malacca



Langkawi is a peaceful archipelago of 140 islands – just a couple of which are occupied. The biggest of these is the eponymous Langkawi Island, which has UNESCO World Geopark status in light of it’s lavishly populated (by natural life, that is) protection territories. The most ideal approach to encounter these environmental miracles is from high above, on the Langkawi Sky Bridge that extends over the rainforest. Brazenly named Pregnant Maiden freshwater lake is an awesome spot to take a plunge or play keep-away with the natural pilferer monkeys.



Malacca is the verifiable condition of Malaysia, rich with legacy structures, old milestones and provincial structures. It arrived that pilgrim constrains first reached Malaysia, which in the end formed the nation into its current monetary and political framework.